28 junho, 2008

Pequenas curiosidades do Código Penal da Malásia, parte 1

Retirado desta notícia, relativa ao senhor da foto em cima:

«Kuala Lumpur's police chief for criminal investigations, Ku Chin Wah, said a man filed a police complaint late Saturday claiming that Anwar sodomized him.

"We are investigating the complaint," Ku said.

Sodomy, even if consensual, is punishable by 20 years in prison in Muslim-majority Malaysia.

Ku said police have no immediate plans to arrest Anwar, despite a cell phone text message sent by Anwar's People's Justice Party warning that he would be detained this weekend.

Ku declined to identify the man who lodged the complaint, but the People's Justice Party identified him as Anwar's assistant, who started working for him in March.»

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